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Your "MyBeach" pass provides admission to our beautiful sand and ocean playground at the Club at Diamond Beach. Every person over 8 years of age must have a "MyBEACH" pass to use the beach and the beach facilities. The beaches are guarded with certified Lifeguards from Memorial Day through Labor Day, you must use caution when the lifeguards are off duty.

Beach privileges include the beach and ocean, our bathroom facilities, trash removal, beach recreation and all the fun of being on the Jersey shore.


Please note that a "MyBEACH" pass does not grant you the privilege of purchasing alcoholic beverages at the bar and you will need a separate bar membership if you wish to purchase alcoholic beverages and are over the age of 21. HOWEVER, as a "MyBEACH" pass holder, you can order food, non-alcoholic beverages and enjoy all the other services offered at the beach.


Please note the rules of the Club, we ask everybody to adhere to the facility policies to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for the entire family, friends, and patrons. 2023 was a success in safety and accomplish our objectives with the goal of making the beach a better facility for everybody to enjoy.


                                                Beach Rules and Regulations for 2024:

·           No Pop-up canopy tents, gazebos or shading structures larger than a beach umbrella permitted past posted signage.

·           No bars, large parties, sanctioned events, reunions are large group (20      or more) gatherings without prior and written approval from ownership.

·           No bars or similar setups permitted including hard alcohol, kegs of beer or any other similar setup.

·           Each person over 8 years old must have a "MyBeach" season or day pass (each passes includes one child up to 8 years old)

·           No GLASS permitted on the Beach at any time.

·           No littering, please use appropriate receptacles.

·           No dogs are permitted on the beach between 9am and 8pm

·           No skimboarding and surfing is allowed only in approved areas.

·           No foul language or public intoxication

·           No Loud, amplified, or offensive music

·           No fireworks, fires, or charcoal grills

·           No Golf Carts permitted past the concrete entrance.

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